She’s totally [email protected] sha” —See The making of dog art painting on a chubby model’s bare body (Video)

She’s totally N@ked sha
“Omo, She’s totally [email protected] sha” —See The making of dog art painting on a chubby model’s bare body (Video)

In the previous post I made, a model with a dog art painting is seen showing off her se.y body in a video. The post generated some comments as Netizens question if the art drawings where done by a man or woman.

Well, the video in this article will give full answer to those questions as we’ll all see how the painting was made.

In the video, the model and the artist are seen working out things together. The artist started the painting from the ladies breasts, painting them with black paint. He then moved to the lady’s arms and to her stomach, making the art to look like a real dog.


Next thing he did was to continue the drawing on the ladies private part after the drawings were made on her stomach. Her massive buttocks were also painted in black paint.

The model seem to be professional in her art as she showed no atom of shyness throughout the drawing session. She was even taking calls on her phone and taking selfies as the drawings were made.

The artist on his part is also professional. He wasn’t moved by what he saw, he minds his business as he paints the lady. There was touch of professionalism in the art.

Watch and see things for yourself:

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